Feminist book club- better than a date?!

Yet another fantastic evening at Feminist book club, we were discussing The Myth of Mars and Venus, a very interesting read which dispels the myths that women talk more than men; men are more direct in their language, amongst other myths. There were lots of new members today, the table I reserved at Drink, Shop, Do was quickly submerged as more and more people arrived. I do love DSD but as it gets more popular, it gets more lively which makes it less suited to our purpose.

I came home full of the evening, telling Magda about the various debates, the lack of takers for the feminist porn on friday by the newbies and as I spoke with genuine enthusiasm, I was reminded of the excited debrief you have with friends after a date. Feminist book club is one of the more exciting things that I do and initially I thought it couldn’t be more exciting than a date (I haven’t been on a date for a while) . Then I remembered all the boring dates I’ve been on; where I’ve had to carry the conversation and looked for a spark of intellectual commonality and suddenly FBC with all its consistently interesting, lively debating, genuine questioning is better than many dates I’ve been on.

So thank you for FBC and the many lively minds and friends that come along- Livia & Doerthe being the pleasant surprise guests this evening.