#100happydays Days 26-35

Day 26 More than once I have been made happy by maintaining a clean space for myself to live in. I live by myself so really I don’t have to clean up but I find myself doing so because I know I’m sending a clear message that I love and respect myself.

Day 27An impromptu night out after feeling lonely.

Day 28 Seeing this pic in a recruitment agency as it’s the bus i used to take to my dad’s house and it was a lovely sunny day in Essex.

Day 29 Eating cinnamon buns and treating myself and getting lovely messages from my students.

Day 30 Still running and some days are better than others.

Day 31 Spending time with these two beauties.

Day 32 Day out with my colleagues.

Day 33 Binge reading Maya Angelou.

Day 34 Binge watching Game of Thrones.

Day 35 Getting voice notes from my friend Adam.

#100daysoflove Day 63 #parliamenthill #wildflowers #poppies

Happiness is doing something for yourself purely for pleasure. Simple right? If there is one thing I have learnt doing this project, finding happiness every day is hard and happiness can be fleeting, but I love flowers on a sunny day and one of my daily joys is finding jasmine and identifying flowers growing in gardens on the walk to work.

Today I was in need of being uplifted and so I went in search of fields of wildflowers and poppies on Parliament hill.




#100daysoflove Day 32 #Iliketohelp #imperative

Day 32
Bumping into an Burlington Danes student that I took on a trip to Royal Holloway university and signposting them to get help with university choices at the excellent Clement James centre makes me happy. I like to help.

I have been thinking about what is missing from my work and I miss the personal connections I had with people but in particular with young people. I genuinely am interested in their thought’s, hopes and dreams. Guess that’s why I am applying to be a teacher!


#100daysoflove Day 7


I had a very nice chat with an old Rastaman called Trevor on my way out yesterday. We talked about patterns of migration in the Caribbean community and I asked him about what it was like to come to the UK in the 1970s. It was a nice exchange that brightened up my day. I’m not adverse to being called ‘princess’ regularly either. 🙂