Epic bumper post! #100happydays days 15-21

Day 15 ceremony day with my loved ones.

Day 16 going to Minster Leas, I love the beach and this was unexpected surprise.

Day 17- organising my bookshelf and room.

Day 18- going to my old friend Georgina’s exhibition.

Day 19 having my good friend Amy for tea and staying the night.

Day 20 gonna be putting on my play soon!!

Day 21 Getting sent these amazing flowers from my friend Stef!


#100happydays days 12 &13

Day 12 proud of myself for completing my run AND cooking a risotto for myself. (I forgot to take a pic of mine so stole this pic from Tesco!).

Day 13 I had a good chat with a friend and some interview practice for tomorrow which made me feel more positive.

#100happydays day 9

Happy that I got to spend today with two friends, who both helped me in different ways. I’m lucky to have such loving and giving people in my life. 😊


#100happydays Summer of Smiles 2017

Too cute,so I had to share. Thanks Google! One of the things that makes me happiest is being around friends old and new. #100happydays day 5


#100happydays day 15 #cooking #feast #waitrose

So a few birthdays ago Sam and Charlotte bought me a cooking voucher which I never used. It expired but Ann practically suggested I ask if waitrose could extend it. They did and instead of sitting at home stressing about work I got to cook this middle eastern feast. Thanks loves xx.


#100happydays days 12,13 &14

Today i got an unexpected phone call from an old friend. Had a lovely dream about meeting a lovely man and on a day that was quite challenging a post by one of my fave poets made me lol.


#100daysoflove Day 73+74+75 #friends #thankful #summer #perfectweekend


Day 73

Celebratory drinks after seeing the amazing Warsan Shire, Ribka Sidhatu and other fantastic poets at the British library.

Day 74

Impromtu meze in Angel post ‘The Frida Kahlo of Penge West’. Yes it was called that!


Day 75
Lovely day discovering Dalston, including this artichoke flower with neon fronds in the Dalston curve garden.