Epic bumper post! #100happydays days 15-21

Day 15 ceremony day with my loved ones.

Day 16 going to Minster Leas, I love the beach and this was unexpected surprise.

Day 17- organising my bookshelf and room.

Day 18- going to my old friend Georgina’s exhibition.

Day 19 having my good friend Amy for tea and staying the night.

Day 20 gonna be putting on my play soon!!

Day 21 Getting sent these amazing flowers from my friend Stef!


#100happydays days 7&8

Happy to be with Adam on his Sten. We met back in 2005 at LSE and are still friends.

Unexpected lovely flowers around the corner from my home.


#100happydays days 6&7

A bunch of roses makes me happy😊.

A trip to parliament has been agreed for the end of term. 😊