An ending…

“Even though my behaviour has been horrible you have taught me, allowed me to get out of my shell and feel more confident in myself and shown me my passion for psychology and politics. You have honestly been a big impact in my life… You are more than a teacher, you’re a role model, an inspiration and an extraordinary human being”.

This is an excerpt from a card from one of my year 9 Psychology students who I had a few run ins over the year. I wasn’t expecting a message of this nature from her at at all but she starts the card off by thanking me for always believing in her. It’s funny who we make an impact on and how. 

I believe that being a teacher is a really important job, and I was the best teacher I could be under challenging circumstances. But that’s not quite good enough for me or for the children I work with. So its not looking likely I’ll be teaching in a school come September but for the last 3 years I’ve given it a good shot.

Over the last week I’ve had a picnic with my favourite class, been sent several lovely messages, and students have popped by my office to say goodbye and give me lots of chocolate. AND my lovely colleagues splashed out and got me two fantastic books and a beautiful pair of earrings. So it’s a bitter sweet ending and I hope my next step will make me happier, more fulfilled and the best me I can be, especially if I am working with young people. 

I feel like this is end of a chapter in my life, it wasn’t an easy decision to decide to leave but I am putting my happiness at the top of my life agenda. That includes letting go of people and circumstances that don’t make me happy. I don’t know what my next job will be or where I will be living in a few months which will be challenging for me. I hope by October that my life is more settled and I have found my way to more love, a new flat and a job that makes me fulfilled and happy. Wish me luck!

Koh Phangan pt 2 & the beginning of the end

So the black moon party. Well Koh Phangan is famous for its crazy beach parties and black moon is the smallest of these. We got dressed and managed to get some neon crayons with which I created some very artistic sleeves for the others. The drinks were flowing at the hostel and eventually we all piled into a red taxi to go the great distance of ooh 500 metres. We had to pay 600 baht to get in (about £7) and seemed relatively expensive for Thailand but the ticket included a drink. Despite being told that this would be a more local affair, the queue and the rest of the night seemed to mostly consist of farangs (foreigners).

There were several food stalls set up just past the entrance and as we  walked towards the beach you could see the neon decorations, large lamps and hangings glowing. There was a stage and large dance area where the rest of continental Europe were enjoying the psy trance. We opted to watch the fire shows, which at one point had a skipping rope on fire which lots of boys were trying to skip with. No one got hurt but it looked terrifying!

I got into a debate with some random German guy about the economy- lol clearly I hadn’t drank enough! But moments later I was to discover the potentcy of Samg Song- which was whisky and not rum as I had thought.

We danced and nearly lost our shoes more than once; lost various members of our group; had random conversations with strangers on the beach; watched the interpretive dance show being put on at the edge of the waves by some intoxicated man. Eventually around 5am we decided to head back to the hostel. Calling in seven 11 for ham and cheese toasties and water.

The following morning fran had to leave at 10 to continue her travels. So tired and hungover we said goodbye. However I was saved from despondency by a fellow brit Charlie who suggested we went to Haad Rin beach. If I had know how steep the hills and corners were to get there I would have said no! But I survived the journey and the beach was pretty enough to revive me. We hung out on the beach with new friends, played volleyball and lounged.

Heading to the food court that evening we found the way blocked off. But instead there was a night walking market and I set about spending my cash and loading up on gifts for home whilst trying out different street food.

Finally time to call it a day, we went for a drink in a really cool bar called the white rabbit. Mine of course was a pina colada!

It was nearing to the end of my time in Koh Phangan. I knew the next day would be my last and I had to get my ferry tickets sorted in order to get back to the mainland for my flight back to Bangkok. I would spend one last night and a day there before flying home. I booked myself a nice hotel room after all my sharing and readied myself to get everything packed up for the last time.