Welcome to Cherry Tree Life & Career Coaching. I am an Institute of Leadership & Management trained Life Coach based in London specialising in Personal Development and Career change. I have extensive experience in coaching those in the public sector, young people and parents .
Life Coaching – To give people the tools to move forward in their lives no matter what area of their life they want to change. If you feel stuck or unfulfilled in any area of your life, are ready to live the life you dream of, then Life coaching is for you.

Career coaching- this includes changing career; moving forward in your current career and interview and presentation enhancement.

Sessions are usually 50 minutes but for those pressed for time, I offer :

Laser Coaching- 20-30 minute sessions that get to the heart of the issue and finalise your priorities.

General information
Session fees operate on a sliding scale, sessions start at £10 per session for the low waged, to £60 for the waged.
I offer coaching via telephone and skype as well as face to face. I am based in East London.
Please leave a message below with your contact details to arrange a free 20 minute taster session.
CB: “I had quite a life-changing life-coaching session last year. Chatting through my then rut, she helped me work out what I wanted to change and to set achievable short and long-term life and career goals. I ended up leaving my dead-end job, travelling a bit and learning Spanish in Argentina, and I’m much happier for it. So, thanks!”
DE: “She has utilised her expertise in life coaching to guide me to make positive changes in my life and deal effectively with unexpected life challenges. I was able to increase my awareness of where adjustments were needed to create more of a harmonious balance. This has been a significant part of the process for me, particularly looking at smart targets and moving goals into positive action through visualisation and positive affirmations. I would certainly recommend her if you are interested in transforming your life and making a positive change!”
MG: “I had the pleasure of having her coach me. During this period, her ability to help me find new ways of thinking, exploring and implementing ideas that lead to tangible results really impressed me. Her buoyant personality and compassion makes her a great guide to help you achieve great results and be the best you can be.”  
EG: “I was provided with some ‘laser’ coaching sessions last year which helped me to consider my motivations and how to achieve my aims. I wanted to get fitter and healthier and her coaching helped a huge amount by making me understand my motivations and the best way for me to achieve them- I examined why I actually wanted to become healthier and for the first time was actually able to actually consider the benefits it would provide me as well as the things that would actually work for me and this proved incredibly helpful. She was professional and put me at ease and I really gained a lot from her coaching, I found it empowering and effective, it has helped me to change my thoughts and behaviour around healthy eating and exercising which has made a difference to my life.” 
Check out my Facebook page or please contact me below:

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