Got my first Amazon book review!

Really heart warming to wake up and read this review on Amazon. 💓

If you have read and loved ‘All The Things I Learnt From You’ please support me by:

a) writing a short review on Amazon.

b) spreading the word to your friends via social media

c) getting the book read at your book club. I am happy to talk/perform.

Love from Cambodia,

Michelle xx

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

This is the final design of my paperback book cover. You would be surprised at how much effort and time it takes to take an idea and make it a reality!

After a few set backs, the artwork for the paperback has been finalised. So I am now waiting patiently for the powers that be at Amazon to decide when you beautiful people can buy it on Amazon.

Acknowledging who you are…

We can often be in denial about who we really are, what we want and what we are willing to do. On my creative journey I have found it uncomfortable to write that I am a writer or a poet, despite me having filled diaries, notebooks, the backs of envelopes and my phone with observations on life; short stories; and poems.

I write when I need to. Not consistently but when I am moved. When I want to vent an emotion. So I don’t see myself as poet or a writer. Yet despite me performing on a more regular basis than ever before; despite me having wrote a whole play and performed part of it and despite my newest project of self publishing a book of my poems.

Sometimes, outside confirmation is what we need.

Today I accepted my first paid poetry gig.

Pretty amazing huh. Mad for me considering I only started performing late this year. From that performance, the theatre programmer thought I’d be ideal to do some poetry/ spoken word or story telling on International Women’s Day. I would have performed free of charge at this event but being paid for it will be pretty nice.

So from today I am going to try more concertedly to believe in myself as an artist. As a poet. To not be in denial about who I am.

And as part of this acknowledgement of myself and this achievement, here is my brand new SoundCloud page (that I ironically created this morning), where I will be posting my work.

I hope you enjoy it!


#100happydays Days 36-42

Day 36 Amazing sunset

Day 37 Hanging out with my old friend Mynn, feeling young and eating this.

Day 38 Getting this picture of me and my niece 💓💓💓

Day 39 Going to this talk and learning new things.

Day 40 Seeing this quote by one of my favourite, inspirational black women- Mae Jamison, the first black female astronaut!

Day 41 double whammy

Seeing my old friend Adam after 10+ years AND swinging on the swings with these two gems at the Tate Modern.

Day 42

Getting this lovely surprise package.

#100happydays Days 26-35

Day 26 More than once I have been made happy by maintaining a clean space for myself to live in. I live by myself so really I don’t have to clean up but I find myself doing so because I know I’m sending a clear message that I love and respect myself.

Day 27An impromptu night out after feeling lonely.

Day 28 Seeing this pic in a recruitment agency as it’s the bus i used to take to my dad’s house and it was a lovely sunny day in Essex.

Day 29 Eating cinnamon buns and treating myself and getting lovely messages from my students.

Day 30 Still running and some days are better than others.

Day 31 Spending time with these two beauties.

Day 32 Day out with my colleagues.

Day 33 Binge reading Maya Angelou.

Day 34 Binge watching Game of Thrones.

Day 35 Getting voice notes from my friend Adam.

#100happydays Days 22-25

Day 22 unexpected presents!

Day 23 spent flower arranging these beauties and having eve pampering myself.

Day 24 Going to see House of Ghetto Exhibition at Rich Mix.

Day 25 Going to talk about Maya Angelou and her influence on Black British writers and asking career advice from a top civil rights lawyer.

Epic bumper post! #100happydays days 15-21

Day 15 ceremony day with my loved ones.

Day 16 going to Minster Leas, I love the beach and this was unexpected surprise.

Day 17- organising my bookshelf and room.

Day 18- going to my old friend Georgina’s exhibition.

Day 19 having my good friend Amy for tea and staying the night.

Day 20 gonna be putting on my play soon!!

Day 21 Getting sent these amazing flowers from my friend Stef!