Feeling very pleased on GCSE results day 2016

​The results have come in and my students have all passed! A few even did even better than I could have predicted given the level of work they achieved at school. So I’m pleased and happy for them and myself!

One A star super star

Three amazing A’s

Ten brilliant B’s

Eleven capable and committed C’s

Eleven dedicated D’s and

Eight excellent E’s.

Looking back over 2015


Following from my past post, I have been thinking about all I have achieved this year.

So in 2015 I…

* am celebrating new year’s eve in the beautiful Venice with old friends and new.
*My biggest achievement to date is finishing my PGCE and getting my first teaching job.
*I started volunteering in one of my favourite places and kept my passion for urban gardening going.
*I travelled solo, despite my fears to Thailand for one month and then to Lisbon for 4 days.
*Went to and survived my first festival lol.
*I have tried to nurture my creative side with art and by writing poetry.
*I write this having survived my first term as an NQT which has been full of highs, lows, tears and laughter!!!



As I look to 2016 my main goal is to work on being better teacher. I also want to challenge one of my biggest fears- by learning to swim! I also want to continue to travel and develop more spiritually. I will continue to be blessed by the love of my friends and family.

So here’s to a great 2016 everyone :-).

#100daysoflove Day 73+74+75 #friends #thankful #summer #perfectweekend


Day 73

Celebratory drinks after seeing the amazing Warsan Shire, Ribka Sidhatu and other fantastic poets at the British library.

Day 74

Impromtu meze in Angel post ‘The Frida Kahlo of Penge West’. Yes it was called that!


Day 75
Lovely day discovering Dalston, including this artichoke flower with neon fronds in the Dalston curve garden.

Day 123

Blogging each day becomes harder and harder, but I will quickly surmise my thankfulness from last week:
I am thankful for Devina and her friendship when we met for a chat and some Wagamama’s. I had precious sleep during the week so it was really great to finally sleep well on Saturday night. I had a really nice Sunday, I met with friends for breakfast, followed by book shop browsing on Blackstock road. I finally did some overdue washing and then sat in bed reading for the afternoon and evening, burying myself in yet another fantasy novel.
I had a lovely surprise in the shape of Keith Riglin being at work today; I also had a nice little chat in Lidl with the check out guy Rahaun- who loves all types of films and told me that he wants to see the film ‘The Artist’ and that horror films are very predictable. This ticks one of my Try Something New revolution– more about that later. 

I received a few texts from Gambia today and the clear sky and stars in the sky on the way home were a portent for my phone call to Gambia- the line was crystal clear. This was followed by a nice evening in with Magda. So blue monday ends better than it started. 

Day 8 & 9- The Weekend rollercoaster

I had not considered that during the weekends I might not have the time to blog so forthwith I will be doing a bumper weekend special. Unless something extra special happens!
Sat 8th October.
So after a romantic misunderstanding, I was feeling particularly sorry for myself but I am lucky enough to have lovely house mates that listen, dissect and rationalise with me when I am not clear headed. I am also thankful for old friends that listen and have my best interests at heart. And cook amazing food!
And I am most thankful for a conversation with my Dad. I had been speaking to him in veiled terms about relationships (or lack thereof!), life satisfaction etc and whilst he told me in no uncertain terms that I need to just do things and stop over thinking and worrying over everything, he did so in a quite a gentle way for him. And I was really touched when he said that he does think of me a lot. My dad and I have a rather practical relationship and he isn’t emotional at all, so that was very nice to hear. And him telling me to just get on with things was very useful when I woke up in the early hours, feeling cold and alone. I made a plan…
Sunday 9th October
The plan was to do some job applications, followed by cleaning my room and putting up some pictures and if there was any time after that, only then could I succumb to my misery. Its similar to the internal bargaining some of you may do with buying clothes and shoes- only I do it with emotions!

And I have almost finished the applications; decided to put up that LOVELY picture that Rachael gave me, which led to me putting up pictures up in my room and some new one’s in the front room, which then led me sorting out the book shelf that Rachael had also gave me, so I have had a mini room make over. This makes my room actually look like it belongs to me, so I am pleased about that Sometimes its the smallest things that make a difference and then it is a domino effect. (I should know this- I am a life coach!)
However after all of my indoor pursuits, I was ready to chum Ed to the shops- the furthest I’d been to outdoors was chain smoking on my balcony, doesn’t really count as outside. So off we went to……………. Tesco’s. Yes Tesco’s. But that wasn’t the highlight.

As we walked home, I noticed Gillespie Park and as I hadn’t been there before and was in a walking mood, myself and Ed went inside. And I am very glad I did, because there were lots of trees and a little woody walk, for few minutes at least you would believe that you were no longer in London. Sometimes I have an unarticulated urge to not be in London, and it was nice to walk and have the lovely illusion of having left the city. So I am glad that I explored somewhere new and yet on my own doorstop.