Acknowledging who you are…

We can often be in denial about who we really are, what we want and what we are willing to do. On my creative journey I have found it uncomfortable to write that I am a writer or a poet, despite me having filled diaries, notebooks, the backs of envelopes and my phone with observations on life; short stories; and poems.

I write when I need to. Not consistently but when I am moved. When I want to vent an emotion. So I don’t see myself as poet or a writer. Yet despite me performing on a more regular basis than ever before; despite me having wrote a whole play and performed part of it and despite my newest project of self publishing a book of my poems.

Sometimes, outside confirmation is what we need.

Today I accepted my first paid poetry gig.

Pretty amazing huh. Mad for me considering I only started performing late this year. From that performance, the theatre programmer thought I’d be ideal to do some poetry/ spoken word or story telling on International Women’s Day. I would have performed free of charge at this event but being paid for it will be pretty nice.

So from today I am going to try more concertedly to believe in myself as an artist. As a poet. To not be in denial about who I am.

And as part of this acknowledgement of myself and this achievement, here is my brand new SoundCloud page (that I ironically created this morning), where I will be posting my work.

I hope you enjoy it!


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