Important day. FTFADIA

So this afternoon I interviewed for a senior management job. I post a lot about mantra’s and positive self belief but today I did something really scary, well out of my comfort zone. So I am proving to myself that I can walk the talk. I intèrviewed well but only time will tell. #feelthefearanddoitanyway

Oh and tomorrow I’m taking 70 kids to Wales!

#100happydays Days 36-42

Day 36 Amazing sunset

Day 37 Hanging out with my old friend Mynn, feeling young and eating this.

Day 38 Getting this picture of me and my niece đź’“đź’“đź’“

Day 39 Going to this talk and learning new things.

Day 40 Seeing this quote by one of my favourite, inspirational black women- Mae Jamison, the first black female astronaut!

Day 41 double whammy

Seeing my old friend Adam after 10+ years AND swinging on the swings with these two gems at the Tate Modern.

Day 42

Getting this lovely surprise package.