Remember that play I wrote..

So a good friend suggested I apply to an arts organisation that was hosting a night of excerpts of new creative plays etc. I dashed off a quick application with a link of me doing some poetry whilst on the bus in two minutes before I could get scared and promptly forgot about it. Now I’m crying because I’m going to get to do part of my play in a theatre which is so amazing. And i never thought that would or could happen. Yet up until last week I thought I’d never be happy again. Looks like I was wrong.

New job = feeling emotional

I’ve just been offered and accepted a new job. After everything I’ve been through in the last 6 months; especially deciding to leave teaching without another job to go to was an act of belief in myself; and the universe. It means I now have greater stability and can move house. I’m feeling very emotional. Here’s to a new beginning and more steps towards my new, happier life.

#keepthefaith #believeinyourself

Achieving new goals-part 2

Just got a call saying my application has been accepted and I’m through to the assessment stage for team leader for VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas). It’s been a dream of mine for a while now to live abroad and also to volunteer for VSO.

I realised earlier in the year that I am reaching the cut off age for the team leader position. In Cornwall I realised that I don’t have a permanent job or a home anymore so why am I putting off something I really want to do. So watch this space! #2018abroad #liveyourdreams #makeithappen