Creative Sunday- life collage

Pretty chuffed with this collage I’ve made for my room this afternoon 😊.  Originally an ikea print, i decided to use it for a life collage. 

The quote is something I realised in Thailand. I had been meaning to go a massage place run by former female prisoners recommended in the guide book. 

I arranged to meet a friend there but when i got there it was closed and my friend had got her wires crossed. 

Slightly peeved I walked back and decided to go to this chain massage place I’d seen as I did really want a massage. When I was reading the treatment list, it turned out that the place I was in was actually a branch of the massage place I had wanted to go to. The original had become so popular they had opened up several branches- the chain that i had been ignoring!

There were other incidences like this on that trip and others. Maybe when I’m on holiday it seems more apparent. But for now I know I’ll end up in the place I’m meant to.