Praia do forte, Salvador

I’ve had a delightful day today starting with peering into rock pools- it’s like a miniscule, beautiful universe with so many tiny electric blue fishes, 100s of crabs including the fine gentleman below and I touched what I think is some type of huge sea slug?! It felt really smooth lol.

This was followed by watching lots of capoiera, the most I’ve seen in fact. There was a quaint, white and blue church in the background as children, teens and adults had their practice in the open air with the sun above them and the sea to their right. It was really lovely to see everyone practicing together and the open air seemed so right. 

I’ve had some great food including some amazing graviola and passionfruit ice cream and lots of sushi that I couldn’t even finish!

As I’m on my hols I had a cheeky beer on the beach, yes I have learned to drink beer from my french travelling companion lol. I then visited the Tamar turtle sanctuary. It’s undeniable that the work they do is necessary but I felt a bit sad for the turtles to be in that environment instead of their natural one. Do you think you can swim with turtles? I think I’d like to!
Back to the city tomorrow but then it’s on to my final destination- Rio de Janiero!

Nb- Brazil are playing Germany and just scored and so everyone in the bar next door are going nuts!!!!

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