Sao Paulo

I arrived exhausted in this huge, bustling city but managed to get a cab to the hostel and survive the day despite not having much sleep. The hostel was great, especially the breakfast and the staff who were lovely and who really helped when I realised I’d left my contact lenses at home and had to buy new ones, locating and calling the opticians for me.

Highlights were the hostel, people were really friendly; the Museu Artas Sao Paulo (MASP) which was free the day I went and had a great collection; the tranquil Trianon park across the road and the happy kissing teenage gay couples that I haven’t seen in any other city. Oh and I went for some excellent sushi on my last night. ​In all a great start to my Brazilian adventure but I’m not really here for Sao Paulo.

My next stop is Cuiaba for the Pantanal. The Pantanal is a huge wetland where many animals including the elusive jaguar roam. I’ll be spending a week there, heading north to the state of Mato Grosso.

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