Pushing past the plateau

Lesson 3:
Was the hardest lesson yet and left me very frustrated and anxious. After the success of lesson 2 it was on to far more challenging stuff. Taking off and swim-kicking to the edge with both hands out- fine. Taking off and swim-kicking to the edge with only left hand- okay. Taking off and swim-kicking to the edge with only my right hand- not okay. Pretty bloody scary. Taking off and swim-kicking to anywhere with both hands at my side- terrifying. I just couldn’t do it. I was also really put off by someone else being in the pool. Forgot I had a fear of being splashed!

So the lesson was a wash out. My confidence dwindled and I got increasingly frustrated and almost a bit angry. My tutor is a tough love, ‘results’ type so I worked myself up into quite an anxious state. Luckily, whilst I was out I got an email saying he had to cancel the following days lesson.

I have a fear of water since a young child. I was in the baby pool with everyone else at school and then as everyone progressed to the big pool I was left behind. I gradually had to go into the big pool with everyone else but I still couldn’t swim.

I’ve had lessons but this is the furthest I’ve got. Lesson 4 was still hard but I left feeling okay. My final lesson is today and I’m quite anxious about it as my teacher is going to push me to make greater progress today. What format this will take, I’m guessing it’ll be more of what I don’t like. Eek!

2 thoughts on “Pushing past the plateau

  1. Sounds difficult Michelle. Well done for sticking at it! C and I have been swimming in the sea in Aberdyfi today. I must say I was using full use of both arms to stay afloat though.

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