Pushing past the plateau

Lesson 3:
Was the hardest lesson yet and left me very frustrated and anxious. After the success of lesson 2 it was on to far more challenging stuff. Taking off and swim-kicking to the edge with both hands out- fine. Taking off and swim-kicking to the edge with only left hand- okay. Taking off and swim-kicking to the edge with only my right hand- not okay. Pretty bloody scary. Taking off and swim-kicking to anywhere with both hands at my side- terrifying. I just couldn’t do it. I was also really put off by someone else being in the pool. Forgot I had a fear of being splashed!

So the lesson was a wash out. My confidence dwindled and I got increasingly frustrated and almost a bit angry. My tutor is a tough love, ‘results’ type so I worked myself up into quite an anxious state. Luckily, whilst I was out I got an email saying he had to cancel the following days lesson.

I have a fear of water since a young child. I was in the baby pool with everyone else at school and then as everyone progressed to the big pool I was left behind. I gradually had to go into the big pool with everyone else but I still couldn’t swim.

I’ve had lessons but this is the furthest I’ve got. Lesson 4 was still hard but I left feeling okay. My final lesson is today and I’m quite anxious about it as my teacher is going to push me to make greater progress today. What format this will take, I’m guessing it’ll be more of what I don’t like. Eek!

Day 2 swimming lesson 2- Progress


So today went well. And I made really good progress! 🙂 When I had swimming lessons before the furthest I got was kicking off a back wall and trying to join up kicking my legs and moving my arms at the same time. And I had the swimming tutor in the water with me as a safety net. Well as you know, I didn’t get any further than that and I wasn’t actually very comfortable in the water or my ability to float.

Today started with more drills. The hardest one was basically holding myself in ball with my arms around my knees for 5 seconds. Oh under water. I get that I need to be able to feel comfortable with the movement of the water and also that I can float in the water and breathe. All of which blows
my non- swimmers mind. I tried my best even if my impudent instructor said that he would scream if I put my foot on the ground again. To which I replied it was almost worth doing then just to see if he would! This exercise was followed by floating like an arrow on the water. Easier said than done. But I managed.

But here comes the good part. 🙂 I was asked to stand 3 meters away from the edge of the pool, put my hands in front of me, kick off and float until I reached the edge of the pool. This used to be a terrifying thought for me- having nothing to hold on to, just launching myself into the water. But I have more confidence in my ability, plus I know that I need to stop thinking and just do as the instructor asks (read tells). And
I was able to do it. Multiple times! The second time I went back 5 metres and had to kick my legs, all the while keeping my face in the water until I reached the same edge. 5 metres felt quite a big distance away and my instructor even further. But I just did it! Writing it down may make it seem like a small gain but I know how scared I was before and that this is great progress for me. So I’m very pleased with today and the progress I’ve made.:-)