Day 1 Swimming lesson 1


My new swimming gear courtesy of my favourite shop Decathalon 🙂

Before the lesson:

So I’ve booked on for an intensive swimming course this week. 1 hour a day with a tutor will hopefully see me more confident in the water and a quarter of the way to swimming. According to Google it takes 20 hours to learn how to swim. Personally I’m not sure I can learn in this time but as I’ve got the time and the money for this week I might as well try right?

For those of you that don’t know. I’ve had a fear of water since I was a kid and this was my main barrier to learning. I had some 1:1 lessons two years ago and gained confidence but still couldn’t swim. At all. This fear limits me when I travel as there is so much more I could do if I wasn’t scared of going on small boats!

I’ve bought a new swimming costume and swimming hat and made my way to  the private gym where the lessons are to take place. I’m pretty surprised to see people working out on a bank holiday but that’s dedication I guess. I’m nervous as I don’t really know what to expect and unusually I’m early so I have the time to sit and write this. I can’t see the pool from where I am or the way to the changing rooms. The gym is in the basement so it’s strange to think of a pool being in here but not as strange as me voluntarily being here! Fingers crossed!

After the lesson:

Well that hour went incredibly quickly. It was very intense. My instructor basically made me do the same things over and over to get me comfortable in the water. All too boring to repeat for swimming folk. He did say that I made progress which was a compliment and personally I know I am a lot more confident in the water both prior to and during the lesson. I was able to get in the pool without  being scared and did all the exercises he asked me to even if I couldn’t do them all properly e.g I couldn’t hold my knees with my head under water. By the end I was able to attempt to float without holding onto anything which is an achievement for me as I am a- pretty scared of the water and b- one of my biggest fears is that I can’t float.

I do feel good after today and let’s see where I’m at tomorrow.