Happy Black History Month day 5 Leyla Hussain



Leyla Hussein is a trained Psychotherapist and a multi-award winning campaigner on FGM and gender rights including Cosmopolitan Ultimate Campaigner Women of the Year Award 2010. In 2011 she won the Emma Humphrey Award , The Lin Groves Special Award for her work in raising awareness of violence against women and children.

She co-founded Daughters Of Eve who are working to protect girls and young women at risk from FGM.

Leyla Hussein is also a Community facilitator at Manor Gardens, where she now runs Dahlia Project which she set up in 2013, the only counselling service for FGM survivors in the UK. Her documentary “The Cruel Cut” with Channel 4 on FGM in the UK was nominated for a Bafta in 2014.

You can learn more about Leyla’s documentary here https://youtu.be/2lmaZ8FJvOE

For an explanation of FGM, please watch this short video by Leyla https://youtu.be/H1JAfpHf4uY

She successfully lobbied at a political level and her e-petition ‘Stop FGM in the UK Now’ gathered over 100,000 signatures, triggering a much needed debate in Parliament on FGM in the UK. She was subsequently called in to give evidence at the Home Affairs Committee inquiry into the matter.

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