Bangkok days 3&4

Day 3 was as hot as ever and yet I slowly have become accustomed to it. My evidence for this? I had to turn the a/c up to a balmy 28 degrees after waking up too cold in the middle of the night!

So we headed out into the sun and after some rigmarole I ended up claiming my independence in a tuk-tuk destined for the Golden Mount. I had realised that I would rather be on my own and do the things I wanted, than have company and do what someone else wanted. As the driver moved off I felt liberated. The Golden Mount was a lovely walk up to a temple with a golden spire and 360 views of the city.

Feeling further emboldened by my independence- i got a tuk-tuk to the metro and jumped on it to Lumphini Park. I decided to indulge in some fried chicken and sat near the entrance eating it as elegantly as one can eat fried chicken with their hands.
I had a great few hours in the park just chilling and observing others.

There was a stage and a lady in her 50s directing the audience in a aerobic workout.  All of the Thai and expat joggers; the people using the outdoor gym (esp the buff men section); the stillness as everyone observed the national anthem except one American man with his headphones in .

And the best was yet to come. I bumped into a guy from my hostel and we decided to go to Chinatown for dinner at the market. It was crazy – think of everyone eating from impromptu street restaurants at carnival. Mayhem, excellent food but a lot of fun. Turns out bamboo spring rolls are lovely but filo pastry with bananas in an egg concoction in the middle which is then fried and drizzled with carnation syrup which caramelises- is orgasmic! I also found a tesco; tried a snow pear and cut my foot. All good fun!


The Buddha’s representing each day of the week at the Golden Mount.

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