Bangkok day 2


View of Wat Arun across the river at the  end  of day 2


View of Wat Tramit mid day 3

Well I have seen a lot more of Bangkok than when I last blogged. On the morning of my second day, still feeling not quite adjusted to the time, I was procrastinating in the hostel common room. However a Polish whirlwind needed to be checked in and said I should join him meeting some friends. As I am embracing the new I said ‘yes’.

Turns out he was meeting a couchsurfing group for a free tour of Chinatown. I got to meet lots of new people from around the world; try some more excellent Thai food (chicken with Chinese broccoli) and saw the amazing Wat Tramit pictured above. After the group departed my new friend and I headed to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. Unfortunately time was against us- i could easily spend hours in each. So I decided we should head to the Deck bar which turned out to have amazing views of Wat Arun lit up at night. It was a lovely evening to have a mocktail on the river.

My night however, did not end there. I had read there was a night flower market so this was our next destination. The co-mingled scent of chrysanthemum and jasmine filled the air as stall after stall had intricately weaved flower offerings, house decorations and garlands for sale. Suddenly, in the midst of all this delight I started to sweat profusely and my stomach churned ominously. We have all had this moment travelling,  and of course this was the first time I had to use an eastern toilet. You can imagine the rest, it was a comedic moment! Wasn’t I lucky that the temple had loos that were open that late lol. After I had composed myself, I managed to do some light shopping and take another 100 photos of a garden lit up with fairy lights. Thus ends day 2.

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