Bangkok day 1

Well I am here and surviving ok so far!!
Heathrow was a nightmare but flying with Thai airways was a great choice. Note to self- buy sleeping tablets for next journey. I probably have been up for over 24 hours now- arrived UK time 1.30am which is 6.30am here. Ach!!

So some of you may know I was/am nervous about this trip. It is massively pushing my comfort zone but since I arrived I have managed to get a cab to my hostel, checked in several hours early; gone for a walk- not got lost! and bought dinner (noodle soup with tofu and chicken balls), tried street food (grilled meat with a slightly sweet sauce on a stick AND amazing buns dusted with icing sugar but the last few mm steeped in butter- i will be eating those for breakfast and in general believe me lol); wandered around a small market I came across; and found a seven11 to buy water and snacks.
All of the above sounds so normal but when you can’t speak the language nor read it, simple things become a challenge.

I can’t believe I am here doing this if I am honest. I planned it so long ago and while my motivation for this trip is clear- to gain greater independence and see a whole new culture, I am surprised I have achieved the above! Each day will bring a new learning experience. I am really pleased that day 1 has gone well and hopefully each day that follows will see me grow in confidence.

Bangkok reminds me of Nairobi. The backstreets that could go anywhere; scary 4 lane roads that you have to be careful to cross; the uneven pavements and streets full of shops that sell everything and anything. Even the buses are the same! However, so many people here ride motorbikes and you do need to be careful even in residential roads. The street food and food so far is going to test my trousers as I will be trying alot more! Oh and did I mention it’s hot. Super hot. I am very glad to have a/c in my room (for £9) And no rain yet!

So tomorrow I plan to see some of the sights. This will mean either getting on a bus or walking and not getting lost! Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Bangkok day 1

  1. Well done Michelle. Really brave and courageous of you to be doing this. I wish I could be so brave. Being here with Thailand with my big and little man means catering for different reeds( plus my need t have as much sleep as I can)

    Take it all in, enjoy it and remember it’s ‘sawatdee ka’ for Goodmorning, good afternoon, good evening and good night. Make show you but your hands together like a litte prayer gesture.

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