Black history month 2014 day 1 #BHM14

It’s October and that means several things to me. My birthday, the coming of autumn and the British celebration of Black History Month. This year I am going on focus on contributions to literature and fiction from the African and Caribbean diaspora, as it compliments my efforts to read only writers of colour or women writers this year. I have been shamefully negligent in blogging about this endeavour but I have kept to my resolution without too much effort and feel that I have had a richer reading experience due to this.


Diran Adebayo

Some kind of black.

I remember reading this book as a teenager in the late 1990s and being struck by his description of university, in particular inter-racial relationships at university. I was later to find out that Adebayo went to Oxford university and no doubt this experience influenced his writing. Adebayo went on to write other acclaimed novels. If you are interested in a young, male black British experience of  London and Oxford in the 1990s then read this.

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