Your real job


I had a powerful realisation on my way home after 3 days of amazing talks and poetry about feminism and the achievements of women and girls around the world.

I realised that this is my job. My job isn’t just the one I get paid to do. My real life job is to ensure that my life is as enjoyable and purposeful as it has been the last three days. Everyday. (and if not everyday, then once or twice a week!).

I am responsible for ensuring that I continuously do what I enjoy and for me this includes learning new ideas, consolidating existing ones and sharing this experience with others.

I have prioritised other things over maintaining my intellect, letting life and earning money get in the way. I need to commit to myself that I will continue to over use my brain. I’m exhausted but also invigorated. I’ve made new friends and I’m filling an appetite I didn’t fully realise I had, nor the extent of my hunger.

Some people will read this and think ‘well doing what you love is very obvious’. However I’d ask those people how much time do they spend doing those little things that bring them joy? Reading books, painting, going for long walks, swimming, going to a gallery or exhibition and so on. We are all guilty of putting off things that we enjoy because something more pressing is at hand.

So my challenge to those reading this is- this week do one little thing that you love doing but haven’t done in ages. Let me know how it goes.

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