We are in Zanzibar!

So we left Diani and our new friends sadly and set off for Tanzania. We had to take a very long coach journey which I survived despite getting absolutely drenched crossing the Kenyan/ Tanz border and having to sit with my rucksack on my lap for 10 hours. We went with the coach company Tahmeed, never again! We want modern muzugu coaches. The coaches here stop for 10 mins max for 2 stops at Tanga and somewhere else in Tanz so I literally had time to pee and then fight my way back over everyones luggage or rice or whatever else they had stowed in the gangway. I definitely thought I was going to wet myself at one point despite not drinking any water since 7am but survived. We arrived in Dar Es Salaam, there are alot more Indians and a stronger Islamic and African feel here as not as many people speak English as in Kenya where pretty much everyone spoke good English.

We got a hotel, went out to eat some swahili food, some coconut beans, fish with spinach and some swahili spice. The next day was spent getting our visas for Mozambique which was really difficult as you needed a letter of introduction and dollars which neither of us had. An expensive cab ride later and with 10 mins to go we boarded the ferry to Zanzibar!

We arrived in Zanzibar as the sun was setting over Stone Town. Friends from Diani had told us that the party central was in the North and so we decided to head to Nwungwi. Fu negotiated for a beach bungalow, we dropped our stuff and headed out to get a drink. Of course Zanzibar is very romantic and all bars have sea side tables lit with candles and lamps so it was a candlelit meal and drink for Fu and I under the stars LOL.  Fu went to party with the locals whilst I got an early night, I hadnt banked on the crows that would screech noisily outside our room in the early hours and this morning there was a lowing cow added to the cacophony! I digress. The next morning I got up, had breakfast and wandered up the coast, the sea is a perfect turquoise and when the sun is out it is incredibly beautiful. We had a great day just lounging on the beach, I have not done nowhere near as much swimming as I would have liked, mostly because the waves are too big for me. Ach.

We are leaving shortly for Stone Town and I am looking forward to more Michelle type sight seeing. There is only so much beach a girl can take lol.

My battery just died so I havent got any pics but you can imagine Fu and I here…Image

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