The Smoothness continues….

So I arrived in Nairobi and I realised that I didnt have any money for my visa. Whoops.

However, in my spirit of resourcefulness I asked some people on the plane what to do and got some money out at a cashpoint. However the cashpoint gave me shillings (Kenyan currency) and not dollars/ euros/ sterling- which are the prefered methods of paying for your visa. Ach ach ach. I got it sorted and when I got my luggage, Fu was there on the other side and he had arranged a lift and a place to stay for the night. (I have a four poster bed and an en suitse). So the smoothness continued. Excellent.

So today Fu and I have been out and about in Nairobi with new friend Yasin- we have taken lots of buses, both matatu’s (small mini buses with loud music and sometimes cramped conditions- the BACE crew will know what i mean) and other buses which are bit like American school buses. We have had a busy day, Fu got his yellow fever jab at Nairobi University Hospital for 25 whole pounds; the details and downpayment for our Masai Mara trip were sorted: 3 days, Monday to Weds coming; we went to a local dentist with Yasin and watched lots of Nigerian soaps there- Mom & me is JOKES; had lunch; and finally we got into the front seat of a matatu on the way back to the hotel for the princely sum of 38p and I had loud Congolese and reggae music blaring into my face all of our short journey. I wont be doing that again!

So the plan tomorrow is to just chill and get ourselves ready for Safari- exciting times! Here is a picture of what I hope will the Masai Mara will be like 😀


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