Brussels- Smooth, smooth, smooth

From Brussels airport (mistakenly posted on FBC- whoops)

My journey so far has been incredibly smooth.I have traveled from the airport to the hostel and back again and managed to be on time for all!

Not a great sleep last night (lots of Italian yoof chatting outside bedroom window) but hey i have a 12 hour flight to relax.

I am already learning some life lessons.

1. No matter how much prep you do, you will never feel ready. So you might as well just do it.

Before leaving I wanted to download new music, learn some swahili, try epilating my legs, contact ppl etc. There was not enough time and the most important thing is that i actually go and have the journey. Screw everything else.

My internet is running out so my next update will be in Nairobi!!!!!!!!!!!

ps for the feminist ( a young girl is reading half the sky 🙂

pps howard- saw a restaurant chinoise called fu pao :))

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