M is for Michelle in Mombasa!

So its been a while since I last posted.  I’ve been having a crazy time. We went to the Masai Mara which was AMAZING! (Blog post to follow). Now we are in Mombasa on the Kenyan coast and I am sitting in a very hot internet cafe in Port Reitz, staying with Connie, who has been feeding us LOTS of amazing kenyan food. Yesterday we had ugali and fish for lunch and then beef pilau rice with coconut cassava. Easily the best food I have eaten in Kenya so far!

We left Nairobi early friday evening and I had the beginnings of a dodgy stomach earlier on in the day.  We settled into our train- first class doncha know and were called for dinner in the restaurant cabin which was an experience! It was a little bit bumpy to say the least. Fu wasn’t well so I went to dinner alone and was sat with a lovely family. I was immediately put in charge of their young daughter who only spoke German- ACH! But the meal was fun and I enjoyed interacting with them. Unfortunately the story goes downhill from then. I became intimately acquainted with the bathroom over the next ten hours and was feeling both weak, nauseous and grumpy when we arrived into Mombasa. I will say that the ride was certainly an experience but only for those that can sleep like the dead.  We were near to the connecting carriage and the jangling noises were a bit too close for my delicate self. However, it was lovely to see the sunrise in the morning and to see village life wake up as the train wound closer to its destination.

We got a cab to Mombasa Backpackers in Nyali and were given a dorm room outside. Outside meant cane walls and a roof. Luckily it is really warm here so cold nights weren’t a problem. We spent all of sat recovering , being a bit grumpy with our various ailments and mostly drinking fluids in my case. I had an excellent nights sleep that night despite sharing our room with a load of go getting business students determined to do everything they can in mombasa in as little time as possible.

Sunday was our best day in Mombasa because we met with Hattie’s friend Sadiki, and we started to have a proper Michelle type day. We went to Fort Jesus and I took lots of pics, we went on a tour of the old town which was very lovely. I had another mare trying to get Laura Blizzard pics printed but finally got it done. We then went to pirate’s beach which is everything you think of when you think tropical beach- white sand, clear turquoise water and sun. Sadiki and I chilled on the beach while Fu and our new friend Kat went swimming and on a catamaran. I am yet to do some swimming but plan to soon when we go to Diani beach tomorrow.

Today we have been wandering around Port Reitz school, looking at their school garden and speaking to children when we can. It it is very warm here and I am eaily worn out (haha maybe that is not just the heat!).  You can see the Indian Ocean from Connie’s house and I have been sitting outside this morning looking at the beautiful blue sky and hearing reggae from her neighbours house. Its been a little bit emotional being at Connie’s house because it makes me miss Hattie but I am having a good time and hopefully my stomach will stay still for a while yet.

Next stop- Diani beach!


The Smoothness continues….

So I arrived in Nairobi and I realised that I didnt have any money for my visa. Whoops.

However, in my spirit of resourcefulness I asked some people on the plane what to do and got some money out at a cashpoint. However the cashpoint gave me shillings (Kenyan currency) and not dollars/ euros/ sterling- which are the prefered methods of paying for your visa. Ach ach ach. I got it sorted and when I got my luggage, Fu was there on the other side and he had arranged a lift and a place to stay for the night. (I have a four poster bed and an en suitse). So the smoothness continued. Excellent.

So today Fu and I have been out and about in Nairobi with new friend Yasin- we have taken lots of buses, both matatu’s (small mini buses with loud music and sometimes cramped conditions- the BACE crew will know what i mean) and other buses which are bit like American school buses. We have had a busy day, Fu got his yellow fever jab at Nairobi University Hospital for 25 whole pounds; the details and downpayment for our Masai Mara trip were sorted: 3 days, Monday to Weds coming; we went to a local dentist with Yasin and watched lots of Nigerian soaps there- Mom & me is JOKES; had lunch; and finally we got into the front seat of a matatu on the way back to the hotel for the princely sum of 38p and I had loud Congolese and reggae music blaring into my face all of our short journey. I wont be doing that again!

So the plan tomorrow is to just chill and get ourselves ready for Safari- exciting times! Here is a picture of what I hope will the Masai Mara will be like 😀


Brussels- Smooth, smooth, smooth

From Brussels airport (mistakenly posted on FBC- whoops)

My journey so far has been incredibly smooth.I have traveled from the airport to the hostel and back again and managed to be on time for all!

Not a great sleep last night (lots of Italian yoof chatting outside bedroom window) but hey i have a 12 hour flight to relax.

I am already learning some life lessons.

1. No matter how much prep you do, you will never feel ready. So you might as well just do it.

Before leaving I wanted to download new music, learn some swahili, try epilating my legs, contact ppl etc. There was not enough time and the most important thing is that i actually go and have the journey. Screw everything else.

My internet is running out so my next update will be in Nairobi!!!!!!!!!!!

ps for the feminist ( a young girl is reading half the sky 🙂

pps howard- saw a restaurant chinoise called fu pao :))

New blog for my new adventures!

It doesn’t feel real that I am going to be Kenya in a few days. I am sitting at home, on my very messy bed surrounded by travelling paraphernalia and there are so many little things I should be doing right now but I am enjoying the quiet before the storm!

I will blogging here as much as I can about my travels in East and South Africa, partly because I know you will interested to hear about it and partly as a online diary for myself. So save the link/ sign up for email updates (if i get round to doing it).

There is so much I want to say about this journey, why I am taking it, what I hope to achieve, where I hope to go. But alas, I need to download some Swahili lessons & Frank Ocean so it’ll have to wait!

Next update: Brussels (if they have free wifi).Image