At around 8.30am this morning, through my sleep I heard a tapping noise.

It went away. I thought:

1) Why am I so anal about sleep – then thought this needs more time and energy than i can give this morning!

2) There is a reason why I was woken up early, even though it is not apparent right now. The Universe wants me up and about.

So I sat down, checked my emails and thought about last night.

Last night I went to a coaching meet up for a talk on career change. The facilitator was great and I had some important realisations

1) Your ideas about your career and what you want to achieve moves over time

For example, in primary school I wanted to be a newsreader, by the time I was near the end of secondary school, I wanted to be a teacher or a psychologist. During my degree, I wanted to work in getting more young people into university and/ or helping the world to become a better place.  The theme of helping others in society has remained, but during my masters I thought I could achieve this by joining the civil service. 
I’ve worked in a variety of roles but my core theme of helping others and society has remained. Now I want a career that allows me to grow, make an impact on society and also pays well. 

2) Who helps you and who hindered you?

I have been very lucky in that I have always had lots of support and encouragement from teachers, friends and my parents in both my academic journey and my working career. No one has tried to hinder me.

But I have.

People in the group shared who or what had hindered their career progress- teachers, career advisors, family, risk of financial insecurity and so on. I realised that I was the only person that had held me back in my career. Its really hard to admit and I need to work on how can I make sure I no longer hold myself back.

But this was not the point of this blog post.

Confirmation is.

The facilitator last night asked the group if they believed in signs/ intuition or if they went on their gut feeling. I have a mother that sees signs in everything and after reading the The Secret and The Power, I guess I do too. At the beginning of  the session we were asked if we were coaching, i gave a half hearted answer, because to my mind, if i am coaching, i would be doing it successfully ergo I would be doing it on a regular basis and getting paid for it. (He contradicted this but that is not important here.)

Halfway through the session, I checked my phone. I had one text message, from a friend that had I had recently helped, or should i say coached for a job application. She got the job.

And that was it. Confirmation. Confirmation that I am a great coach. Confirmation that I do this well. Confirmation that if i want to, I can do more coaching and be paid for it. Confirmation that i have a very high impact rate. So far, everyone that has had a coaching session with me has made a positive change in their lives. And those that have had more than one coaching session with me have made a significant, positive change. 

So what confirmation are you looking for? What signs are you ignoring?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, please comment below. xxx

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