Starting a new goal: Health

Today is the start of a new beginning for me. Today is when I start working on my health goal which overall is to be more comfortable in my skin and a healthier, fitter person.  The goal I set for today was to walk from my home to Kings Cross – the carrot being that I would check out a street photography exhibition once I got there.

I had forgotten that today was the day because I have a cold and haven’t really been keeping check on my calendar. Imagine my surprise when after 5 hours sleep, I looked at my calendar and saw a 1pm appointment: Walk to Kings Cross.
Internally I struggled with myself: I’m ill, I’m coughing and sneezing, my chest hurts, I’m on my period, maybe I can do it tomorrow when I feel better, I haven’t slept loads, what if I make myself more ill, I don’t want to walk for an hour like this.. .and so on.

However, I have committed to walking and I know deep in my heart, if I put it off today, then it will be really easy to not do it tomorrow and even easier to not do it the day after. Letting yourself down can be damaging to your self esteem- if you cant keep your promises to yourself, then how do you expect to be able to view yourself with integrity and respect? You need to be able to look after yourself as well as your best friend would.
Plus my coach believes in me, she believes that I can do this and deep down I know I can too. So I am going on the walk- I have dosed myself up and will top up my oyster so if I feel really rough I can head back. And I have given myself  new incentives- I am now walking to the Camley Street nature reserve which I have always wanted to go to AND I have promised myself to go to the library and get part two of the trilogy I am currently reading. (I LOVE a trilogy).

Wish me luck and I will update this post when I get back!

So I completed the walk and feel really pleased with myself. I got 5 minutes up the road and felt knackered,  so at this point had a stop off at Gregg’s. I ended up walking through some Mangal family history, past my Grandma’s old flat and my cousin’s old hang out, the newly refurbished Paradise Park. I headed along Caledonian road, seeing some grandiose social housing and finally ended up in the industrial land that is the back of Kings Cross. Stumbling into St Pancras gardens was a pleasant surprise and then I finally got to my location and enjoyed my wander into the nature reserve. I took lots of pics, which you can see here

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