Summer, Summer, Summertime

 (RIP Drew Heavey, who used to blast this from a boombox in the summers of my youth )

 Its the Summer Holidays. Across the country teachers have gleefully been updating statuses about their freedom from pupils, marking and their new found readiness to party/ go on holiday and so on. Several have gone on holiday already- and I’ve only been off for one day! I have 6 weeks of freedom ahead of me and in the absence of a great deal of money or a get away abroad- quite frankly this scares me quite a lot. I can’t remember what I did in those breaks and I had them for a good amount of time stretching into my mid twenties! What did our parents do with us everyday for 6 weeks?!
Like a student, I need a summer job. One that gets me out of the house and in an ideal world somewhere nice and hot;  in a perfect world, one where I can earn enough money to finance all the weddings, hen parties and birthday’s arising from September onwards. I have been applying for temp jobs/ volunteering so please keep your fingers crossed or even better hook me up! 🙂
With all the free time I have, the moral value of work has been cropping up in my thoughts quite a lot recently- I think we are conditioned to believe that if we work, particularly if our work is tiring/ boring, that we deserve to treat ourselves. This could be in the form of drinks after work, going out to the cinema, socialising with friends and so on. However, as I now work less, I find myself feeling guilty for going out as much as I did when I was in full time work. This guilt is not only about spending money that I can ill afford, there is also a guilt about whether I deserve to go. I am a very social person and I dislike feeling this conflict and wonder how I became so indoctrinated with the protestant work ethic.
I know some of you will be wishing you had the amount of time off I have and probably think ‘Michelle, quit whinging, start enjoying your time off’. You’re right and so please send me your ideas about what you would do, I’ll happily accept the inspiration. The remainder of this post is what I am going to do whilst I am searching for work – like being on holiday I am going to embrace the freedom to do new things and in my research here are a few things (ie an itinerary) I came up with:
Mon 23rd: Workshop on The Mechanism of Speaking Chinese-  in the N4 Library
Wed 25th: Visit the Estorick Collection and hear a talk on abstract art
Thurs 26th: Visit the Freud Museum (free Thurs 26th July)
Friday 27th: Visit the contemporary London Street Photography atKing’s Cross Station
And here are some ideas of what else I can do:

Visit the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition (until 19th Aug)

Admire the contrast between Norway and Morocco in Sandra Jordan’s photos at 10GS
Hear some new music at Camden Acoustic on Tuesdays (Clapham North)
Or some jazz at the Canary Wharf Jazz festival.

Send me your ideas!

One thought on “Summer, Summer, Summertime

  1. I think you should add collect your bike to your list. You'll no longer have to top up your Oyster card as much and it will make you fitter. No brainer Mangal, no brainer.

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