A list of places I want to see before I die

As some of you may know I have been thinking about holidays quite a lot recently and I decided that I was going to create my own list of places I wanted to see before I die. After all our motivations for traveling are a composite of  inspiration from books that we have read as children and as adults; the experiences of our parents and our own travel experiences both as children and as adults; exotic ideals of places completely different to home and so on.

This is by no means a complete list- there are cities in Spain, Croatia and the States that I’d like to visit; indeed there are many places I’d like to go if I had the time and money. However to create a definitive list I decided to think ahead to my death bed and think about the places I would regret not having visited. This list is what I came up with and the one that are asterisked are the one’s that I would regret that little bit more as they have greater significance.

Greece- Athens & Santorini*
Holland -Amsterdam
Italy- Florence, Pisa and Naples
Middle East
Jordan- Petra
Uttar Pradesh*
New York
Trinidad & Tobago (Carnival)*
St Lucia (Jazz Festival)*
South America 
French Guiana*
Japan- Cherry Blossom festival*

Seeing the Northern lights*

Why Greece?
When I was a child I was fascinated by the Greek myths and legends, gods and goddesses. As I got older, this developed into a interest in the stories of the Odyssey and Homer. I read and was very impressed by Captain Correlli’s Mandolin which was set in Kefalonia and had a Greek boyfriend for a while, who would text me the glories of the sunset over Athens. And as my degree taught me- Greece is the birthplace of Western civilisation. And I love Greek food!

Why Uttar Pradesh?

Ever been confused by the phrase ‘West Indian Indian’? When slavery was abolished in the Caribbean, the British decided to procure workers from other parts of the colonies to continue the work on  the plantations. More specifically, workers from Uttar Pradesh in India were given indentured worker status and took the long journey over the Atlantic to arrive in Trinidad, a small Caribbean island close to Venezuela. These workers brought with them their Hindu customs such as Diwali and indigenous foods such as roti, dhal, channa which are in the repertoire of many Trinidadian and Guyanese cooks. I have always been fascinated by my Indian roots and would love to travel to where it partially began for me. And of course drink in all the history, food and culture India has to offer.

Why Trinidad?

Well following on from wanting to visit India, I would love to visit the country where my maternal line springs from and where in my mind has the only Carnival that could possibly rival Brazil. Researching Trinidadian food brings me back to my childhood and literally makes my mouth water. Another journey to envisage as my grandmother and uncles crossed the Atlantic with my Aunt to start life here in cold London.

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