A week of thankfulness

It is a week since I last blogged, I kept meaning to write but felt knackered; and of course the more I put it off, the harder it was to find the time to write.

I have been recording my thanks at home, on a lovely Erte calendar my younger sister got me for Christmas. So here is my update:

Friday: Thankful for the great conversation with friends old & new after seeing my first viewing of feminist porn. I was grateful also for the artists that seek to push boundaries and show that there is more than one view of sexuality.

Saturday: I arose unexpectedly early that morning and decided to enjoy the peace and warmth of my bed with a cup of tea and a book I had ordered as Christmas reading called ‘The Belly of the Atlantic’. Translated from French it tells the story of a young Senegalese woman torn between her life in France and in Africa, through the life and dreams of her younger brother Madicke. I devoured it in several hours and recommend it.

Sunday: This was the 15th birthday of my twin sisters. I had long imagined this birthday as I am exactly 15 years older than them and used to think incredulously of this day as it would mean that I would be 30! And 30 seemo old then; it seems rather grown up to me now. I had a lovely afternoon and evening hanging out with one twin and my mum and learnt of the sweetness of unasked for kiss from the other twin sister. I do not take affection from any of my siblings for granted, they are all growing up so fast and like a parent, I fear the day that they will be all grown up and flee the nest.

Monday: A taxing afternoon in school, ameliorated by excellent fish and chips on the way home! I spoke to my Dad that evening, the first time for this year, it was nice to hear from him and reconfirmed to me that I am lucky to have him in my life. Later on at home, I rediscovered the pleasure of making something from scratch as I made a fresh carbonara for the first time.

Tuesday: I finally made the decision thanks to Livia’s advice and ordered a new camera! My old one had been stolen and I had dithered for weeks until Livia’ august advice forced me to make a purchase. I received a rather lovely text later that day from Keith, my favourite Vicar at work; attached was a lovely picture of myself and my boss Ed, at the work Christmas party. Finally, I started the fantasy novel ‘A Game of Thrones’ at New Year but was unable to immerse myself in its pages- until now.

Today: Well my camera arrived in excellent time this morning, it is absolutely tiny but I am sure it will give me another 6 years of joy and stunning photos. Watch this space! I continue to bury myself in ‘A Game of Throne’s, I can see myself seeking out the other two in the series rather soon given the rate I am reading!

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