Le weekend

On Friday I was pleased that Charlotte came to back to work, it was nice to catch up and hear about her Christmas.  I am lucky that I work with colleagues that I consider friends.
Saturday I went to reggae aerobics with Magda, Hattie and Jo- and boy did that
class put us all through our paces. The instructor clearly believes in ‘picking it up as you go along’ as there was little instruction as she moved at what felt like a rapid pace through the dancehall moves. The music was an absolute joy, felt like being in a club except having to dance at a much faster tempo, sweating a large amount and forgetting which way to turn! However i’m hopeful that I will have mastered enough moves to pull them out at the Urban Mashup fundraiser. Maybe the girls and I can put on a performance?!
I was grateful that the ladies joined me as I know that the social aspect of seeing them was a massive motivating factor. 

Later that day, Sam and I went to the cinema to see the Iron Lady. We both enjoyed it despite its clear sympathy for Thatcher, but felt that more could have been done with the storyline; there was no development or scrutiny of any part of her life, instead it was as Sam said ‘the Meryl Streep show’. Sam and I then walked to Highbury and ended up chatting in Macdonalds for a few hours, much to the delight of the local teenagers, who probably couldn’t help over hearing our sometimes raucous conversation! I’m thankful that I have friends that render ordinary things fun.

Sunday is a practical day and I am thankful that I cleaned my room as it was getting a bit messy- floordrobe anyone? I’ve read nearly the entire Saturday Guardian; sent a few emails regarding fund raising for Gambia; watched This is England ’88 with Ed after a lovely, if oniony tea and sat reading blogs and websites about travelling South America until I am slightly confused about where I want to go and when and how. The plan will be sorted by the end of the month- I hope!

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