The first blog of 2012

I have not wrote here for a while for a number of reasons- lack of internet, the whirl of festivities, traveling from Wales to London, then London to Scotland and back again; and partly just getting back into the sway of things. Today was my first day back at work and I am grateful for a lightness of spirit that comes from a restful break.
As some of you know, I spent the Christmas in Wales which was lovely; my stepdad had decorated the entire house and covered the front room with fairy lights. I am grateful that I had a lovely time with my family; my annual watching of Eastenders took place with my sisters and mum; we drank lots of Baileys and I learnt that my youngest brother is a massive Star Wars fan. I got lots of lovely Christmas messages when we went out of the valleys.
In Edinburgh, I was grateful to the very generous Kate who gave over her room for myself, Sam and Devina to share. Her hospitality seemed to know no bounds as she walked us over town, cooked for us and took us to see the most amazing firework display on Carlton Hill. I spent New Year with friends that I love and believe that the amazing fireworks were a positive omen for a wonderful, sparkly 2012.
And finally, having thought about the highlights of 2011 which were many, I have  decided to make this year one of the best in my life, well when I say best, I mean to challenge myself and survive.
I want to go to South America and volunteer there. I would love to go to Brazil but maybe will go to Venezuela so I can get to Trinidad and finally see some of my Caribbean heritage; or Colombia because I can and it would be interesting. 
Therefore I will need to learn some Portuguese or some Spanish- if you can help, let me know.
I definitely want to go back to Gambia in November to help build the clinic. Therefore saving lots and being frugal is definitely a big part of this year.

The main other resolution is to get fit through dance and I mean to take a dance class each week with my lovely friends, as I know it is the only way I’ll go. I’ve already had a very positive response, so fingers crossed this is one resolution that I keep to!


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