The Christmas season is upon us and I feel like there is a never ending list of things to do at the moment. I was feeling pretty ungrateful an hour ago but its amazing the restorative effect of reading part of the Saturday Guardian; having a fish pie (not a finest Bart, have to budget these days lol) whilst watching Gossip Girl.

So gratefulness this week.
Monday was our team day and I had a really good time as well as getting on well  with the people in my team which I was a bit anxious about; more people want to join Feminist book club and my secret Santa gift of peanut butter fudge was received well.

Tuesday I was a bit grouchy but we went to our local Sixth form and through a good team effort conducted a useful workshop with a lively group. I was really thankful to Danielle coming over that evening; and also one of my sisters was nicer to me than she had been in a while which makes me look forward to spending Christmas en famille.

Today I am grateful that I read online the beginning of a book I had ordered for my 14 year old sister, turns out it is better for the 18 year old. I am grateful that I have very nearly done all my Christmas shopping, ordering online and getting it delivered to work gives me the two fold pleasure of- a) receiving a parcel in the post and b) re-reading the blurb and getting excited about reading the books. I have treated myself to several new books for the Christmas period- a fantasy novel, two books on Gambia & Senegal and also have received my feminist book reading for January.

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