Today I am grateful for being able to take control; its important to feel like you can make choices about your life which then helps you to take action.

Apart from that, I am thankful that my massive book was collected from the post office by my temporary house mate. I also received my accredited Life Coaching certificate today so I had two bits of interesting post to open, and I love receiving post.

Some of the more regular readers may know that I am a fan of The Power and had been unconsciously cosmically ordering things, mostly for my room. Now a few weekends before I went to Gambia, someone had put a large picture frame in the junk pile at the bottom of my flat. I wanted a picture frame but had not bought the print yet. I assumed that it would be there when I got back and so didnt move it. And of course when I did get back, it was gone. A short lesson in seizing opportunities when they present themselves to you. 

However, when I finished at the Fem 11 conference the following weekend, I had some spare time and so went to the Wellcome Collection where I decided to buy the print that I admired and that I would buy a frame for it despite the cost at a later date. Fast forward to this weekend, and what had been put back into the junk pile? The same frame, albeit with a larger crack in the glass. I’m not sure if this is just pure coincidence or luck, but I am grateful for the frame nonetheless!

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