Le weekend

Things that I am grateful for this weekend:
I received a very happy text from one of my Gambian friends which was the highlight of Friday! There was also a busker on the tube who made me smile.
I tried Tom Kha soup for the first time that evening which was absolutely divine and I was also treated to dinner by the lovely Uncle Ed, who also lent me his ears in lieu of my husband being abroad.
On Saturday I was thankful for the laid back attitude of my guest Alan, we went to the last part of the Anti-porn conference and got in for free- result! We then were rather hungry and found a nice Turkish kebabery which made us bacon sandwiches despite the late hour. I was very grateful that I was able to cook for all my guests and spend time with them without having to go to the pub- thank you again Alan for escorting Ed to the nearest drinking establishment.
Finally today I am grateful that we got to eat together, all of the old Oswald Court lot at Ottolenghi in Angel. The food was great and I had wanted to go there for ages, so I was pleased I finally had and with all my old uni friends.  It was also really nice to see our friend Liz who I have not seen for a year but very recently got engaged. I had a really lovely weekend with very old friends. I am also grateful that my Gambian friends are looking out for me from afar.

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