You know those days when you have a good day and then something a bit rubbish happens and your previously okay mood sinks a bit? And then you wake up the next day feeling tired and frustrated. Yesterday was one of those days. So this morning I packed The Power as an antidote and started reading the section on relationships. The book argues that we must give out love to all of those around us, even enemies so that we can receive love back to us. It suggested thinking about things that we love/ loved about those that we are annoyed with/ hateful towards and so generate good feeling towards that person and therefore create love for ourselves and that person. Sorry if this isn’t particularly coherent. 

I struggled with this notion it has to be said. I thought of someone that is annoying me quite a lot (my neighbour that complains about our flat) and I tried to come up with things that I loved/ liked about them but struggled. First I thought ‘Well do I feel safer knowing he is below?’, and no I don’t, then I thought ‘Well if he can hear all he says he can hear then if there was a burglary/ struggle, he definitely would hear’. Not exactly the most positive analysis. Hmmmm.

So anyway I came home and was feeling a bit bleurgh so I decided to have a bit of ‘me’ time, switched on my computer and the LSE blog post on education & social mobility caught my eye; which led me an hour later to the Action for Happiness website.  I found there an action plan that I am going start part of when I feel less frustrated and grumpy; but most importantly one of their suggestions was to find three good things everyday. So for you regular readers, on the days when I feel mean and ungrateful and woefully human, I will instead write three good things that have happened to me.

1. This morning I saw a pair of jays. They were gathering something from the top of the Ivy/ bushes and it was the flash of bright blue that caught my eye. I like seeing new wildlife, it makes me feel like I’m having an Enid Blyton moment. (Aside: When I was in the Chilterns I also saw a pair of these bad boys- yes Green Woodpeckers- it was like seeing some birds of paradise.)

2. I finally decided to book a class at The School of Life- thank you Hattie & Ed!

3. Its Wednesday and therefore a Stylist day.

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