Argh! I didn’t blog yesterday and I am now quite tired and not entirely sure what I was grateful for… One thing stands out, the power of positive thinking from The Power which led me to setting up all the equipment on time for a workshop- then lots of people turned up for the workshop and I was really pleased.

Today I really enjoyed the journey to a meeting, seeing East London slowly waking up and gearing up for the day; my enjoyment was compounded by not being squashed on the tube! Such luxury. I am also thankful that I get to meet young people that are on the brink of their university futures and can give them advice and just have a laugh with them. I also got a lovely voicemail from my friend about how much she is enjoying the blog and reminding me of what a positive thing it is. I was touched by her message and it is lovely to get feedback from people, especially when all the feedback has been positive.

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