Oh my, oh my, what an exciting weekend it has been.
On Friday I was thankful for spending time with old friends, being able to do things simply; and recieving a compliment from a stranger in the loos about the dress I was wearing. 🙂 Also I got a lovely text from a friend about this blog which was really nice.
Yesterday I had a great time hosting the Libra birthday bash,  we drank, we danced and made merry until the early hours. I was really grateful to DJ FrenchKiss who saved the day in more ways than one. But I got a really warm feeling when two friends that came last night but didn’t know many of my other friends separately commented on how lovely my friends were and what a great atmosphere they created. I love all my friends and know they are fantastic but it was really nice to hear. Helped me to understand some more that I am surrounded by friends that are good people and therefore I must be nice as well to have all these good people around me. I also thought it was sweet that my younger sister came along with her friends and they had a good time.
Today I was most grateful for Magda bringing me half a Tesco’s finest lasagne for my breakfast, and even better it was brought to me in bed as well; Ed brought his camera along last night and we went through all the photo’s this morning; between us we took some very good, and very funny pictures and lastly I am grateful to it being a Sunday and being able to watch Gossip Girl & TOWIE.

Mostly  though I am grateful for all the fantastic, lovely people I have in my life.

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