Today I am finding it hard to blog. The point of this blog is to recognise all the good things in my life; actively cultivate the feeling of gratefulness, which will then lead to greater happiness as I acknowledge all the fantastic things in my life. And I have been blogging conscientiously, actively thinking about what has been good about each day and writing it for you good people and myself.
Yesterday I felt satisfied because I stayed behind after work to make a close friend a present. I felt unselfish and full of the satisfaction that comes from altruistically doing something for someone else. I felt grateful for the realisation that I am not wholly selfish; that I was motivated by love for someone else.
And so we come to today. I have not recieved any gifts or massive realisations to  challenge my perception of a ok, bit boring, slightly stressful day so I don’t feel as if I have much to be grateful for. I feel as if I should feel more grateful for the little nice things that have happened today such as a friend texting me to say how much she loves my blog (thanks, C!); that another new friend sent me some pictures of our walk at the weekend; that I got some Year 12 students thinking about how to include their passions in their extra curricular activities; that my friend loves their leaving present; that I have a great friend in Magda my housemate; that I have people that listen and care about my well being at work; that I am going to Gambia in less than a month. Ok so maybe things are not that bad if I think of the bigger picture. One slightly boring day does not mean that tomorrow will be the same. I hope!

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