Le Weekend and Monday to boot!

I spent a lovely day hanging out with Rachael & Sam: we ate cake; went shopping; Rachael cooked us tea (fajita’s for you food lovers); and we hung out in her front room watching X factor & TOWIE.  What was I grateful for? I was grateful to be able to hang out with friends that I could watch low brow tv and not be judged for it! I’m not sure that being reassured that I am not the only singleton in the world is in the ethos of this blog but seeing as both Rachael and Sam are both lovely, interesting, good looking, intelligent and also single, means that I am not exactly as much as an anomaly as I sometimes feel.

I had a lovely, lovely Sunday. Two things stand out:

Firstly the feeling of being able to do a seat drop on the trampoline- unexpected agility from me and it was nice to have finally mastered it. Not to mention being the only adult present that could!

Secondly swinging on a swing with the sun on my face and a bright blue sky above me. Beautiful.

I could mention the beautiful countryside, eating sweet blackberries from the bush and eating a fantastic meal of cuttlefish with friends but then I would be labouring my point of how lovely a sunday it was.

I am grateful for friends that listen and friends that buy me books. I was at times feeling a little bit sorry for myself / angry today and I am very lucky to have lovely friends like Hannah to talk to. Also I started reading The Power on the way home which cheered me up and got me feeling more optimistic. So thank you Devina. You clearly know me better than I know myself!

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