So last night I was in the mood to drink more than I should and was determined not to spend an evening at home alone, so I called around my stalwart sociable friends Sam and Livia to see if they fancied a night drinking. Sam was busy but Livia, welcomed me to hers with open arms as always with the promise of food and good company. So I headed off to Kentish Town and I had a really lovely evening, which with hindsight was what I needed more than copious amounts of alcohol.

It is hard to put into words how spending time with certain people is an absolute tonic in itself. We talked about many things including feminist book club for which I have two new members on board. There was no rush, we just took our time, ate, drank, talked lots about different things and we did end up going out in the end for a few drinks and a dance and this morning I felt calm and relaxed. So I am thankful to having wonderful friends like Livia who unconsciously provide succour when I don’t even realise that I need it.

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