I wrote an amazing blog post about how much I love feminist book club and how it is one of the few things in my life that makes me happy and of course the internet crashed! Rubbish. Although I am increasingly identifying myself as a feminist, my enjoyment stems more from the intellectual stimulation and engagement I get from reading books I usually wouldn’t have chosen to read; discussing interpretations with old and new friends and  knowing that even if I am really tired, it is always worth it and that others think so too. Its also lovely to meet with my friends and learn something together. I did have a realisation about needing to do more things that make me happy, perhaps joining another book club?

I also wrote about how much I enjoy the song Dollar wine and how it always makes me smile when it comes on my phone because I like  the irreverent Caribbean nature of it and also because it always brings me back to my junior school playground watching the Jamaican kids showing the rest of us the dance. That day always seems to be sunny.
Right so I will leave you with the songs and the moves, courtesy of Colin Lucas!
And the moves:

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