Day 5- Thankfulness

Today has been hard, I woke up at 5am this morning and spent the day with a group of children who seemed hard wired to ignore the word ‘listen’. Well that’s what it felt like! I am also feeling a bit run down from all my excess at the weekend. 

However as I am committed to writing this blog, I had a good think this evening about what was good today and this afternoon stood out. Today I worked with a child with severe special educational needs. This is only the second time I had done this so I am a complete novice where SEN is concerned but today I felt really pleased that I was able to communicate with her and was understood although she cannot really speak; and that I helped her to finish her homework -writing the letter ‘h’. I also helped her brother make a card, so I felt I was of use to some children and there is a lovely, warm feeling when you help a child to do their homework or learn something new. I might, just might have touched a well of patience I didn’t realise I had, I guess only time will tell if this is true or not…

Other than that, I am really pleased that I had the house to myself this evening and that I was able to stuff myself with pizza and cake whilst watching Gossip Girl. I was in real comfort mode this evening so have spent the evening in bed, wearing my Dad’s old golfing jumper.

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