Day 3- Thankfulness

So on my way home thinking about what I could write here today, I thought that today had been pretty average, with not much to be thankful for. Well except for having some eye candy at work. However that was not exactly what I had in mind for this blog and general self improvement, so I thought about it more carefully and came up with three things:
  1. My colleagues bought me a fantastic lipstick that I wore this morning, it really  suited me and I am lucky to have such lovely colleagues who buy me great makeup!
  2. That at work, I am able to put across Ideas (buying Articulate for interview shy teenagers) and I am encouraged and supported.
  3. That I have friends that will treat me to Nando’s when I am skint; and listen to me without judging me.
That was it I thought when I arrived home, already slightly cheered by recognising these small things. But more good things were to come as there were two letters for me on the dining room table. I opened the first which I correctly guessed was from Hattie & Ed- a voucher for a Life Class at the School of Life. I had mentioned to Hattie on our way to Northallerton that if I had the money I would treat myself to some classes at the School of Life. And now I can. Thank you Hattie and Ed! Secondly I had a card, and from the handwriting I guessed it was from Stef, my old university housemate. It was from her and it was a belated birthday card which was another nice surprise. So thank you Stef.

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