The start of 365 days of Love

29. My new age as of yesterday, not a highly significant one, but as I blew out several lots of candles, I wished for the same things over and over. To be happy and to be in love. The two are interrelated as happy people tend to attract nice people that they can fall in love with. The rest of us are unlucky. I digress. My birthday twin Hannah had sent me a message wishing me 365 wonderful days until our next birthday and this got me thinking- what if I were to have 365 wonderful days, that would be amazing. However, those of you that know me are aware I am cursed with a maudlin nature, bouts of self loathing and misanthropy; tempered with forays into self help books and life coaching and therefore I might find it difficult to love each and every day.

So I decided that each day I would write about at least one good thing in my day. I want to be able to look back at 365 wonderful days and see an improvement and increased appreciation of life. I felt better even just thinking about this blog. Ed the Wise thinks its a good idea so here I am, typing away. 

Today I was pleased that Magda had cooked me a massive birthday breakfast and that there were leftovers for lunch. I am skint so I was glad I didn’t have to buy lunch and spend money I don’t have.

Secondly, my friend Rachael has moved home and has given me some book shelves and pictures. One of the pictures I absolutely love and I am going to be organised and  hang it up. Its exactly what I would have bought if I could be bothered. So thank you Rachael & Magda.

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